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hi i'm Joey but you can call me Jo!
race ↭ Jamaican !
pronouns ↭ (any pronouns !)
Feel free to dm me about anything !

....before you follow....
I can make an unhealthy amount of sex jokes. Just tell me if you're uncomfortable with this or want me to tone it down. If I say or do something that bothers you, feel free to let me know, regardless of how "serious" you feel it is! I say slurs that I can reclaim (not often). If you ever feel uncomfy with this, please tell me!
....don't interact if !!....
Weeaboos, xenophobic people, proshippers, people who don't accept other's opinions, people who don't respect pronouns, being too judgemental, if you cannot have a respectful debate or resort to insults over arguments, etc. Basic dni criteria!
....please tag (tw/cw)....
TW means trigger warning, and CW means content warning. I'm sensitive to flashing lights and bright images! I'm fine with most gore (animal gore not so much), but it'd still be nice to have a trigger warning. Even if your message/image doesn't have one of my triggers but includes a sensitive topic, please keep this in mind before sending something to me and put a tag on it!
I love music, playing video games, flowers, horror movies, psycology, talking/calling with my friends, zombie shows/movies, mk11, etc.
Lots of flashing lights or bright images, people with short attention spans (unless you can't control it), unsolicited venting, & prying. -- press me for more!
I absolutely adore finding new shows to watch, especially anthology series like Black Mirror or comedy shows like Key & Peele !
Some shows that I have watched include: Cowboy Bebop, Girl From Nowhere, Community, One Piece, Kim's Convenience, The Walking Dead, Animaniacs, Black Mirror, Good Girls, The Glory, Nailed It!, AIB, A Series of Unfortunate Events, & Love Death Robots! Other times, I also like binge watching cartoons like Chowder, Spongebob, The Amazing World of Gumball, or TMNT.
The genre of movies that I like the most are zombie shows, thrillers, or horror movies! Some movies that I've watched are Punisher, The Bad Guys, Birdbox, Senior Year, Don't Look Up, lights out, Enola Holmes 2, In The Tall Grass, Pink Panther, Troll, Puss In Boots: TLW, The Curse of Bridge Hollow, Mother, & more!
I love music! Most of the music genres that I like listening to are j-pop, jazz, soca, rap, R&B, or 90's music. One of my favorite songs are Poison by Bell Biv Devoe. Click here to see my spotify playlist! Some other artists that I listen to are ICP (my favorite), Booseoksoon, Queen, Nelly, Kali Uchis, Odetari, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino & more!
Not sure what to put here but I recommend looking at some of my other socials! ( ゚ヮ゚)♡
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